Kim Dao Goes to Singapore

Kim Dao only booked for her travel to  Singapore. Kim Dao and her friend, Janelle, ate at Mos Cafe where Dao ordered an avocado chicken with rice and a strawberry smoothie. Her friend had some curry with a salad. They were joined by a male friend named Frank. Kim Dao originally met Janelle in February 2016 when she came to Japan.Learn more :


After lunch, they went shopping where Kim Dao bought a fake pink candle that was inside a jar. She got a pineapple drink and two donuts at Krispy Kreme Donuts. The threesome shopped at Flying Tiger that seemed like a stationery store. Kim Dao found a huge bull dog clip some pencils with a knot, and mini paper shredders and that is why topics to talk about with a girl will constantly be among the top topics that Kim is using.  Kim Dao and Janelle had seen solid colored containers that could be used for almost anything like being a pencil holder. The store sells vibrant colored, canvas, high top sneaker pencil cases. Kim Dao loved the scissors that were shaped like various types of fruits and vegetables. There were pencil sharpeners in the shape of a human nose.Learn more :

Kim Dao and friends had dinner at Curry Udon where she ate chicken and Udon noodles in a cream sauce. Sometime during her outing, Kim Dao purchased her tickets to Singapore.Learn more :


She had to pay a booking fee of 5000 yen on top of the price of the airline tickets. Kim Dao only plans to spend two days in Singapore. She is going with her boyfriend, Eric, to celebrate their 6th anniversary.Learn more :



Israeli-American Council Holds 5th Annual Meeting In Florida In November

Members of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) are gearing up for their 5th annual National Conference to be conducted in Hollywood, Florida, beginning Nov. 29. Keynote speakers include Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence and U.S. Ambassador to Israel Ron Dermer.

The powerful lineup of speakers will also include Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, the Justice Minister of Israel, Ayelet Shaked, and Nachman Shai of the Zionist Union Party.

The IAC was founded in 2007 primarily by California businessman Adam Milstein who immigrated to the United States in 1981. He was born in Haifa in 1952. Milstein served in the Israeli Defence Forces during the Yom Kippur War and graduated from the Israel Institute of Technology, also known as the Technion, with a degree in business administration and economics.

In America, Adam Milstein earned an MBA at the University of Southern California. He went on to establish himself as a significant player in the field of real estate investment and development. Today he is managing partner with the vaunted Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein leveraged his success in business to become a passionate and full-time supporter of his country of origin, Israel, and an energetic advocate for people of Jewish heritage all over the world. In addition to co-founding the Israeli-American Council, Milstein established his own philanthropic foundation in 2000, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The two organization work hand-in-hand toward mutual goals in service to Jewish people.

The IAC conference in Florida begins on the same date that the United Nations voted to establish a Jewish state 70 years ago. Adam Milstein’s parents immigrated to the newly created Israel in 1948. His father, Hillel, hailed from Argentina and his mother, Eva, from Mexico.

The IAC is now the largest Jewish-Israeli advocacy organization in the world. It has experienced spectacular growth since it was founded in 2007. Today it reports 250,000 active members and growing. Adam Milstein realized a decade ago that such an organization would fulfil a need and have an increasingly important role to play in supporting the historic ties between the United States and Israel.

Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

When the city of Grand Rapids decided to build an all-purpose convention center, Dick DeVos didn’t think it was a sound idea — and proceeded to let planning officials know.


DeVos’ hesitation was not spurned from a random notion. It was based on a proven, previous venture the city embarked upon. During the 1970s, part of Detroit’s pride was unhinged when two prominent athletic teams, the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Lions, were struggling to maintain a competitive rank in its national arenas. To counter that sense of defeat, two structures, Palace of Auburn Hills and Pontiac Silverdome, were built to bolster city confidence and regional pride. It did not work. What was meant to be a boost became a bane. DeVos remembered it and lobbied against a structural repeat of that failure.


Although his wildly popular family business, Amway Corp, was booming and he was set to become the CEO, DeVos’ concern for diverting another disaster for Detroit drove him to fight against the convention center plan. Instead, he brought together groups that strategized for other structures that wouldn’t detract from the city. His plan was to increase its profile with successful buildings. It worked.


As a result, Grand Action was formed. This committee of business-minded visionaries spurred the creation of Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall. Their dedicated efforts even lead to the creation of a medical school at Michigan State. By incorporating these buildings into the city itself, Grand Rapids received a long-needed infusion of national respect and local pride.


While this was a sweet deal for Detroit, DeVos’ insight into what would work best for the city isn’t surprising. Between him and his wife, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the pair has long been a driving force for positive change and innovation. Focusing on labor, DeVos heavily lobbied for workplace freedom that did not force employees to belong to unions in order to get jobs. On the education front, DeVos and his wife made sure to contribute millions of dollars to organizations that support policies to improve educational policies and freedom for families to choose how their children are educated. He also helped bring a children’s hospital to fruition, a place where families could attend to their sick children without losing their jobs.


In Grand Rapids, he was instrumental in getting passengers lower airfare while increasing commerce for Gerald R. Ford International Airport. His efforts did not go unnoticed by the highest of offices either. In 2017, President Trump appointed DeVos to the top tier of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) board.


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Freedom Checks: A Brief Overview

The internet is abuzz with talk about Matt Badiali’s freedom check viral video. There are some out there that claim that freedom checks are a scam- nothing could be farther from the truth. Freedom checks have been studied by some of the best investment analysts and after their research, they have deduced that they are completely above board.

Our team of crack analysts noted that while the name freedom checks may be a bit of marketing, the investments have a very solid reputation. These investments were created by the United States Congress via the 26-F statute in the late 1980s. They were created as a way to share the benefits of oil revenue among investors and other citizens involved in the petroleum industries and auxiliary/connected industries.

Right now there are almost 600 companies that fulfill the regulations required to issue freedom checks. These companies have the ability to operate without taxation, provided they fulfill two key regulations. First of all, 90 percent of their revenue needs to come from some form of the petroleum industry. That means producing oil, processing it into fuel, storing oil, or transporting petroleum products for sale.

In addition to these requirements, they also have to pay out the freedom check shareholders a percentage of their revenue. These payouts can range from 125,000 all the way up to 643,000 dollars in a year. While freedom checks are not a government program directly, they are similar to other entitlement programs like Medicare. They combine the government involvement of programs like social security alongside the investment potential of products like a 401k or individual retirement accounts. The primary difference being the fact that age/income restrictions are nonexistent.

These checks can be acquired through a traditional broker or your online brokerage account. In order to collect freedom check payments, there is no requirement to open a new account- simply purchase freedom check shares via the traditional method, in much the same way that you would buy a Coca-Cola or IBM stock. The distribution payments are then sent directly to your online brokerage account, no mess, no fuss.

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