Renovia Inc.’s Startup Mastermind

Marc Beer is a successful business man who has more than 25 years of experience with the development of pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics for the public. Marc has been a CEO at a number of major corporations all in the market of his expertise. In 2000, one of the first companies he worked with known as ViaCell, where he became the founding CEO. ViaCell is most famously known for the development of umbilical cord blood stem cells. While being the CEO over the course of 7 years he helped the company grow drastically to having more than 300 employees. Marc Beer has had a line of success through his business ventures, but his next mentioned ended without as much success. He is most known for being the CEO Aegerion Pharmaceuticals. While he was the CEO he helped develop a product known as Juxtapid that was used to treat a rare high cholesterol disorder. Though he has a lot of high points in his career he did have a setback with his description of the product. The setback revolved around an incident where Marc Beer was accused by the FDA for giving false hope that Juxtapid can successfully treat heart conditions. The company was eventually ordered to pay $40 million for improper marketing of Juxtapid and they were then bought by a Canadian Biotech Company known as Novelion Therapeutics. Renovia Inc. was founded by both Marc Beer and Ramon Iglesias, MD, and Yolanda Lorié in 2016. Renovia Inc., based in Boston, has now raised $42 million for pelvic floor disorders greatly raising awareness and relief for women who have dealt with the issue. The startup is currently working on releasing different therapeutic and diagnostic products for a pelvic floor disorders that effect millions of women worldwide like urinary incontinence. Moreover, the first product they released known as Leva had been FDA approved since April 2018. This is very promising for investors like the investing firm known as The Longwood Fund which mainly focuses on investing in new healthcare products and research. They money invested will go towards developing new products and a newer version of Leva. Their whole goal is to make pelvic floor disorder products cheaper to continue to help all women who suffer from the issue. This is a story that is very redeeming and can show the world that one small mistake no matter purposeful or not can still lead to good. With these recent announcements over 250 million women worldwide will now have the help from products like Leva and future products that are currently being developed for other pelvic floor disorders. Learn more :

Why Wes Edens is an extraordinaire investor

Wes Edens is undeniably one of the wisest investors in the modern world. The business administration/finance graduate has made one of the best moves in the investment realm. His journey in the dynamic world of investment gives the correct impression that he is not only a visionary investor but also a smart risk taker.

Wes Edens commonly referred, as Wes is a co-founder of an investment group- Fortress Investment Group. The company has revolutionized the investment market in many ways and it is currently one of the most efficient companies in investment management. Through the leadership of Eden, the company has been able to diversify the company operations to lucrative capital markets, mergers of companies and acquisitions. As part of the company’s philosophy, Eden has been an integral part of helping the company to direct a huge amount of investment worth ($43 billion) and earn trust to (more than 1,750) investors. Together with Nardone, the company has continued to be the pacesetter in matters of efficiency and profitability.

Apart from being a big investor in the financial market, Wes Edens has over the years spread wings to venture into over business. The most coveted (by mainstream media) venture in the recent past is Brightline train. The train, which is the first one of its nature to be under private ownership, is the solution to the uneconomic traffic jams experienced in the major USA cities. The train system apart from solving the economic issues caused by the traffic jams gives people using the extra services such as comfort and connectivity (Wi-Fi). This mind-blowing investment is not only timely but also smart.

In the recent few months, Wes Edens has held talks with Aston Villa management for purchasing the football club. The English football, just like other modern sports needs finances to be competitive. According to statistics, the club has potential but the lack of finances has made it less competitive. With an injection of finances, there is assurance of better performance. Eden knows that and the agreement with Nassef Sawiris was probably the best decision in the recent investment to the English football.

OSI Food Solutions: Part of OSI Group

Food Solution companies are worldwide. People don’t understand the span that these companies have and how much modern society depends on them. These are the companies that control most of the world’s food resources and distribution. While some are busy abusing their power, others are trying to make things better.

The most advanced food solutions companies are in Europe. Thanks to all the environmental risk management that’s mandatory in Europe, those companies are more conscious about what they do to the environment. In other countries, some companies only care about profits and don’t care if they destroy the world.

There’s an organization in the UK that monitors and rewards companies that show the most effort to manage their impact on the environment. The British Safety Council audits and awards food solutions firms based on their risk management performance. Companies with the highest scores are honored at a ceremonial luncheon.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor Award for their risk management performance. The British Safety Council uses a star-based system that rates firms based on their environmental consciousness. Companies with higher scores win awards at the luncheon.

The year that OSI Group won the Globe of Honor Award, the luncheon was held at Drapers’ Hall in London. At that luncheon, speakers from the British Safety Council, their partners, and present companies spoke about the importance of environmental risk management strategies. Many of the speakers also acknowledged OSI Food Solutions’ spectacular performance.

Aside from OSI’s victory, 18 other firms won awards, but OSI was the center of attention. Everyone talked about how OSI Group put the environment first and didn’t care about profits until after they made sure their products were safe, healthy, and didn’t harm the environment.

Considering what industry they’re in, it was a well-deserved award. Not too many companies put anything above profit. Also, people discouraged others from downplaying OSI’s work. OSI Group decided to jump head first instead of waiting for the government to catch up.

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Peter Briger: The Impressive Success Of This Businessman

Peter Briger is a renowned businessman who is the principal of Fortress Investment Group. He has achieved much success throughout his life. To get an idea of how impressive his success is, continue to read on.

Position On The Forbes Billionaire List

Peter Briger is currently not ranked on the Forbes Billionaire list. However, he has appeared on the famed list on numerous occasions. In 2008, he was ranked 962. In September 2007, he was ranked 317. Although he is not currently on the list, his net worth is still well over $300 million.

Peter Briger And His Career

Peter Briger has been with Fortress Group for over 10 years. Since November 2006, he has served on the board of directors, and he has belonged to the Fortress Management Committee for 16 years. As of now, his responsibility at the company is managing the firm’s credit business. Before working at Fortress, Briger worked at Goldman Sachs for 15 years, and in 1996 he was appointed partner.


Briger has and still continues to contributes to charitable causes. For instance, he works alongside the Global Fund for Children. He belongs to the Council of Foreign Relations. These are only a few examples of the charitable causes he is involved in.

What Do Employees Say About Working At Fortress

Fortress employs thousands of people, and many of them are happy with working at the company. On one review site, there are over 70 reviews written about Fortress, and their average star rating is nearly 4-stars. In a number of reviews, the benefits are mentioned as being one of the best things about working for the company. A lot of people also said working at Fortress is a very valuable experience.

There are employees who describe working at Fortress as fast-paced. Other employees said there were and are many opportunities, but workers have to be willing to take them if they want to take advantage of them.

Igor Cornelsen Highly Reputed and Expert Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is amongst the top financial advisors and investment bankers in Brazil, based in Sao Paulo. He has more than four decades of experience in the field of stock market and banking, and currently, he runs his investment banking firm in Brazil. Over the years, Igor has grown to become one of the most trusted financial advisors in the country and many prominent organizations as well as high net worth individuals come to him for consulting and financial advice. Igor’s financial information is closely followed by the people as well as some of the top financial gurus, because he has years of experience in the field and many of the financial speculations that he made in the past had been correct, saving his clients and investors tons of money as well as profiting them generously.

Igor studied economics at the Federal University of Parana and also completed his graduation in engineering from the same. Even though he graduated doing engineering, he moved on to the world of finance after getting attracted doing economics. As a seasoned investor, he is often consulted to ask about financial advice. One of the top tops that Igor gives to people is to ensure that they start saving and investing early in their career if they are aiming for wealth creation in the long-run. Wealth creation is a time taking process, and sooner you start, better it is for you. Delaying the process of starting to can prove to be futile for your retirement planning as well as wealth creation.

Igor Cornelsen believes that anyone who wants to invest for their retirement must do so with a strategy. Having an approach would help them build an investment portfolio that is productive as well as profitable. There are tons of investment products available today that weren’t available earlier. Igor believes that people should invest in the stock market as well as in the bonds and deposits. It would help in balancing the retirement fund and would also help with wealth creation. Igor Cornelsen says that people must follow the market events carefully and keep a lookout for a lucrative investment opportunity.

Jeunesse Takes Over the Energy Drinks Industry through Nevo Energy Drink

For an extended period, energy drinks have not been the best products out there as they have raised some serious health issues to various consumers. It has been known that many energy drinks available in the stores contain much caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and much sugar that is considered unhealthy for consumption. Medical practitioners have even gone further to warn people against the excessive use of energy drinks. However, Jeunesse has brought in an energy drink that stands out among other products in the industry. The product has been developed to offer a safe and better alternative to the consumers who would want to consume a healthy product.


Nevo energy drink is a product that offers a contrast to what a customer would expect. Customers have a perception that all the products sold in the energy drink lines have much more sugar than what is recommended to many individuals by medical practitioners. It has less sugar such that it does not play a role in hindering with the general health of the consumer. This is not your typical energy drink as it has all the ingredients made of fruits, unlike other products that are made of sugar and artificial additives.


The number of calories in Nevo energy drink is controlled. There are only 50 calories per pack of Nevo energy drink which is the recommended standard that cannot harm an individual. It is worth understanding that all the food colors that are added to different energy drinks to make more appealing are not present in Nevo energy drink. For a long time, the color additives are not suitable for the health of a person. It is enough to offer an individual enough energy so that they can handle various activities during the day. Some of the common ingredients include green tea, vitamin c, and guarana among others.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a corporation that focuses on developing and selling skin care products in the market. Not only does Jeunesse offer skincare products but it has an extended line of nutritional supplements that prevent premature aging while also taking much-needed skin care. The company uses complex formulas to produce world standard products that have helped to grow a within a short period.

How OSI Industries Has Become a Giant in the Food Industry

The food processing industry has continued to expand over the years although it started as a small company. Many companies are today involved in food processing, and they have made huge contributions to this sector. OSI Industries is top-ranked when it comes to food processing. The Aurora, Illinois-based company was started about 109 years ago. The distance between its original location and where it’s currently located is about 30 miles. Those who knew it when it was founded knew it by the name Otto & Sons. It’s unbelievable that a company that started so small has millions of customers all over the world.

The company has penetrated to about 17 countries where it has its food processing plants. Its revenue is now over $6 billion. This company employs the best environmental management practices, and this has attracted several global awards to this company. One may not believe this huge company started with only three employees in the Chicago suburbs. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who started this company in 1909. Amazingly, OSI Industries today has over 20,000 employees in about 85 countries. The company has realized that producing quality products is the only secret to thrive in the food processing industry.

While the company was still Otto & Sons, McDonald played a critical role in enhancing its growth. As McDonald’s branches increased in the country, Otto & Sons also became very prosperous and famous. This company looked for a larger facility in 1960 in West Chicago after purchasing flash-freezing technology. Otto & Sons turned to Sheldon Lavin in 1970s for financial services for it to expand. Sheldon took over the business after the founder’s sons, Harry and Arthur, retired from the business. He then changed the name of this company into OSI Industries and set a new pace for it.

Through his leadership skills the company has become one of the greatest private firms in the United States. It takes the 58th position among the US largest private companies. It has exceptional food processing facilities in about five continents. The major presence of this company is in Asia. About ten processing facilities of this company are in China. OSI Industries enjoys a wide market space with millions of customers in countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and India among others. The presence of this company in Europe is growing, and it has built more processing facilities in Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Germany. The Holland-based Baho Foods and Flagship Europe in the UK are some of the companies the food processing company has acquired.

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How Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm Have Revolutionized the Finance Industry in Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a firm that offers financial management and debt reduction services which was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm. He started the firm to help Australians ameliorate their finances and ensure that they have access to a stable future. His primary business approach is focusing on the client and prioritizing the client. It has seen him grow Infinity group to become one of the top companies in the Australian loan market.


Infinity Group Australia guides clients on how to pay off loans within the shortest time possible, grow their wealth and chose retirement options. The firm assigns a personal banker to a client who plays the role of a financial adviser in their lives and helps them achieve fundamental goals like sticking to a budget. Holm believes this approach ensures better results and it has indeed proven to be more effective than other existing systems set up by banks in Australia.


In a recent interview, Graeme Holm points out that exceptional customer care and service has played a vital role in the growth of Infinity group Australia. The firm’s products and services are based on the satisfying the customer needs. Most clients attest that Holms and his team are amiable and supportive. They also credit the company for helping them attain financial goals they had otherwise deemed impossible. Holms revealed that he is keen on new trends in finance technology and he plans to use Fintech to give his customers better experiences. The company won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award.


Besides putting the customer first, Graeme Holms encourages an open door policy and teamwork at Infinity Group Australia. He notes that networking with other experts in the industry and sharing ideas helps to boost productivity. Infinity Group Australia belies in building a better community, and it does this through several ways such as sponsoring teams like the Cronulla Sharks.


Infinity Group Australia’s core values include integrity, care, passion and trust. Holm is dedicated to promoting trust in the banking sector. He cautions against associating with people who lack integrity and high moral standards as this may jeopardize one’s career. The company has won several awards since its inception.


Graeme Holm holds a master’s degree in Business administration from the Australian Institute of business. He has a diverse experience of more than 17 years in the finance industry. The Infinity Group Australia director starts his day by engaging in physical exercise. He feels that this makes his days to be more productive. He encourages entrepreneurs to handle the most challenging situations in the morning when they are still fresh as this will boost their confidence throughout the day. Learn more:


The Chainsmokers’ Musical Journey

On January 2018, The Chainsmokers attended the 60th Annual Grammy Awards that was held at the Madison Square Garden. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall are the faces of The Chainsmokers. They have taken time to give a deep tutorial on how the song was composed to become a hit. The song is their latest composition called “Somebody.” They made the video and posted on Facebook recording the amazing pitch ranges.

The Chainsmokers are a duo of an American DJ and production. In2014, they made a history by producing a song that hit the rank of top twenty in various countries. Later in 2015, they released another one that reached the position of top ten in the US Billboard Hot 100. The same year, the song “Don’t let me down” was among the top five singles. The duo also won the Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording. This happened during the 59th awards ceremony. “Closer” is their first single song to reach position one in the chart. The duo has also received two wins in American Music Awards and incredible five awards in iHeartRadio Music Awards. In November 2016, they released the second EP Collage hit. They successfully opened an album in 2017 on “Memories, Do Not Open.”

The Chainsmokers was formed in a very mysterious way. It all came from the connections and networking. The two were in their daily ventures and adventures. Alex Pall grew up Deejaying and was introduced to Taggart by his music manager, Alpert. Pall went to New York University to pursue history and music business. On the other hand, Taggart attended Syracuse University and went for an internship at Interscope Records. This happened before the two of them met. A time that never fades in their history in their journey as a band is marked to be the year 2013 to 2014. This was their first time to do a live performance. A number of breakthrough successes flooded as they got recognition internationally. The Chainsmokers have made several achievements in their dance and musical journey which is compiled in their List of Awards and Nominations.” They incorporate a unique style of music to deliver their content and entertainment to their fans.

Influential Leaders- Focusing on Rick Shinto, Current Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions

  1. Rick Shinto M.D has had quite an exciting career path. He has worked in many companies mostly in leadership positions. Currently, he serves as the CEOat InnovaCare Health Solutions and was working at Aveta Inc as the CEO before joining InnovaCare. At one point, he was the CEO at Medicare Mucho Mas also known as MMM and PMC Medicare Company. Dr. Rick has also worked as the CMO and Chief Operations Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and as the Corporate VP of MedPartners.


He worked at MPMC for some time and later left to work as the CMO at Cal Optima in California, Orange County. Having over two decades experience in both operational and clinical healthcare, specifically managed care, Mr. Rick ensures that the health care system is efficiently functioning and providing quality services. He started off his career in Southern California as an internist and a specialized pulmonologist. Also, he was a board member of many healthcare firms like America’s Health Insurance Plans, CAPG and the FSSB of Managed Care for the Department of California.


He is also an author of articles of various aspects concerning healthcare systems and clinical medicine. He is a holder of a bachelors’ degree got from the University of California at Irvine and later joined the State University of New York in Stony Brook to study for his masters’ degree in medicine. He furthered his education in Redlands University where he obtained his M.B.A. His educational background was thus the stepping stone to his success, and he has greatly excelled in being an influential leader.


Rick Shinto is also a great team player he has been working with Penelope Kokkinides in InnovaCare for quite some time now. As the Chief Executive Officer, he has seen to it that all operations in InnovaCare are focused on the interests of people. With the help of Penelope, who is the CAO of InnovaCare Inc, the company has worked with government programs to ensure that healthcare services are available to all people. Penelope has thus dedicated her career to improving the organizational structures and efficiency of healthcare systems.


As top healthcare providers in North America, InnovaCare has greatly excelled and delivers services through Provider Networks, Medical Advantage, and Medical Programs, thanks to the excellent leadership of Dr. Rick and Ms. Penelope.