Securus Technologies Calls GTL To A Challenge Of Superiority.

Securus Technologies is a company that is reputed for its competence in serving law enforcement and well as correctional facilities. They provide these facilities with emergency response, public information, biometric analysis communication, information management as well as monitoring products. These products are designed with an objective of ensuring that there is ultimate safety in our world. Securus Technologies is a company that boasts of having served more than 3500 public safety agencies and 1.2 million inmates across the United States.


In a recent press release, the leading company in criminal and civil justice solutions announced that they had offered GTL a challenge of superiority. GTL, the main competitors for Securus Technologies, was offered a challenge to determine who among the two was bigger. The challenge would be conducted by an independent tech judge who would decide which of the two companies has the largest and best product set, the most modern and sophisticated telephone calling platform, the platform that was most capital and expense efficient, and the best customer care-related measures.


GTL spread claims that they have more advanced technology as well as customer care services as compare to Securus Technologies. This is a challenge that Securus Technologies did not take lying low. The chief executive officer at Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that as a matter of facts, GTL was not a fit match for Securus Technologies. This difference is brought mainly by the large investments that Securus Technologies have made in the past four years. With an investment of more than 700 million dollars back into the business, Securus has acquired companies, new technologies, and also product developments. Securus has also developed an impeccable technology center and United States customer service center. According to Richard, GTL has only a small fraction of what Securus has. Making it impossible for GTL to beat Securus on any platform.


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