Who is Betsy” The Reformer” DeVos?

When I think of sending my child to school, it’s usually pretty simple: students go to a school based on the zip code where they live. Seems legitimate and fair. Well, that is until your single mother friend loses her job and she is forced to move to a lower income area where the schools are run-down to say the least. Now, how fair is it that her children’s education has to suffer because they get yanked out of their “good” neighborhood school and thrown to the appropriate school for their new zip code. One person that is ready to change this, who has already made steps to do so, is Betsy DeVos. This long-time Republican has been involved with issues involving education for 28 years. Mrs. DeVos is chairman of the nation’s leading school choice advocacy group, the American Federation for Children where she has been a fighter for giving parents more options for their own children’s education. Because of her involvement in this group and with their help, over a million students are now able to attend the school of their choice rather than one defined by their zip code.

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On top of fighting for the best education possible for every student, Betsy DeVos also has a passion for philanthropy. From the time her own kids were in a Christian school, she was seeking ways to help those that could not afford the tuition. To this day, Mrs. DeVos still supports that school so that as many students as possible can attend. Betsy Devos decided to start a foundation that would give more of the lower income families’ scholarships to attend these “better” schools. However, she soon realized that enough scholarships couldn’t be given and that more was needed to be done in order to solve the problem. In the 1990’s, she was on the board of two different charities that worked to broaden education choice by use of vouchers and tax-credits. Ultimately, as a part of the AFC, she has been able to help states like Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana enjoy boundless educational choice.

Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education for the United States, has been involved with politics for over 35 years. She began her political adventures as a volunteer in 1976 for Gerald Ford. Since then, she has had multiple political roles for the Republican party, many of them with a focus on education choice and reform. Throughout her political career, she was elected chairman of the Michigan Republican party 4 different times and was also on the Republican National Committee for 6 years. Betsy’s commitment to the betterment of every child’s education should leave parents at ease for the future of our children. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

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