The Story Of Talent Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Among the occupations that are present in the human resources acting field, the recruitment of new talents is one of the most requested professionals nowadays, especially in overdeveloped countries, where the percentage of young adults with a degree in college is much higher than developing ones.



Julie Zuckerberg chose such occupation. Seeing many companies around her requiring new talents to get an advantage over the competition allowed her to pursue the career very early and get far with it. Today, she is one of the most remarkable personalities as Executive Recruitment Leader in the United States, considering her young age.



Julie began her career in Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement right after graduating from Philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. As a Candidate Replacer, she led a team that was responsible for recruiting new attorneys, case managers, and other occupations to other offices and firms that requested the service from Hudson. These include legal businesses and institutions.



She did what any other recruiter does for hiring new employees: She paid attention to their hidden qualities and skills while also covering the job’s opportunities, conditions, payment, and obligations. She was the network that connected the companies with their newest workers.



Having stayed in Hudson for five consecutive years, she then moved to her subsequent occupation in the enterprise called Citi, or Citi Global Consumer Bank more accurately.



While working at Citi, Zuckerberg had the opportunity to work as an Executive Recruiter first and then became Vice President of her office after a few years of experience with them. This was a huge promotion for her career that would matter a lot later on.



In this large corporation, Julie was responsible for recruiting new roles for the CitiCards and the Global Consumer Marketing Sector inside the industry. She was also responsible for what was called the Internet Office. Zuckerberg hired much-needed talents for the company in job offers that included equity buyouts, claw backs, and deferred awards. She could notice the particular skills of the candidates and would soon improve significantly the staff of the offices she was recruiting. That’s what led her to earn her position as the Vice President.



Having stayed for six years with Citi and her team of recruiters, she was ready to move on to her next job in New York Life Insurance Company. There, she got the opportunity to be both a Leader of the recruitment team and the Vice President as well but decided to leave after four months with them, in 2014. She had bigger, more ambitious plans.



Reaching her position that she occupies today, Julie Zuckerberg moved to the Deutsche Bank, in the city of New York. There, she got to continue exercising her career as a leader in the talent acquisition field and the recruitment team.



Julie seems to have found her spot in the Germanic Bank, which is now one of the largest banks and has put its roots in many places across the globe. There is no doubt, however, that Julie Zuckerberg will continue growing for years to come, as she still has a bright career ahead of her.


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