Litigation And Compliance Attorney Karl Heideck

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When pursuing a litigation attorney you would be wise to hire a litigator who has the experience and knowledge of the law in order to win your case. You will need a litigator or trial attorney with a law degree in the state in which you are filing your case and one that knows how to investigate your case, proceed with pleadings and discovery to the pre-trial, complete the trial, obtain a great settlement and also appeal if necessary. Many lawsuits filed in the civil courts never make it to trial. They are settled prior to their trial dates through the attorney’s and the judge.

The responsibilities of your litigation lawyer will depend on whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff. Your attorney will locate witnesses and take their statements on what went on for your case. Documents will be gathered, clients will be interview and an investigation of all the facts will be put together for your case. Attorneys for both sides will sit down and discuss a pre-litigation settlement in order to resolve the case before the filing of a lawsuit.

Karl Heideck practices in the Greater Philadelphia Area as a compliance and risk management specialist. His strong talents are in corporate law, commercial litigation, employment law, product liability and the writing of legal documents. Practicing for over 10 years, Karl Heideck has developed persuasive arguments as a litigator for his clients.

Karl Heideck first pursued a Literature and English education. He attended Swarthmore College from 1999-2003 where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and later joined Tempe University Beasley School of law. He graduated from Tempe University Beasley School of Law in 2009 with honors. As an extremely proficient attorney, Karl Heideck will pursue your case as your litigator and provide you with the proper advice to advance your settlement in a timely manner.

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