Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Continues to Grow, Taking on Amazon and More

I have recently gotten hooked on several membership mailing services. From cooking, to razors and now I am dipping into the world of athletic wear from Fabletics. Fabletics is owned by actress Kate Hudson and really shook up the world of high-end athletic wear by announcing its membership mailing model as well as its reverse showrooming technique. Instead of opening a line of stores or going the “pop up” route, Fabletics brings the showroom to you with a fun online experience tailored to each website visitor. They do this by having site visitors fill out a quiz to learn more about your individual preferences and how you like to work out, as well as, of course, your sizing. After that, every piece of exercise clothing has been chosen specifically for your tastes. This means that when a Fabletics package arrives with your monthly outfit the pieces are stylized just for you (which means fewer returns). The reverse showrooming model has cultivated millions of loyal fans, and has allowed Fabletics to become one of the largest players in the world of online athletic wear sales. If you are interested – take the quiz on their website – it just takes a few minutes and is actually fun!


I recently read a phenomenal review from the blogger a Foodie Stays Fit. In her review Teri discussed her initial reaction and findings when she became a Fabletics monthly member. The main thing that stood out to me was quality. That is always, always my fear when buying things online, especially workout clothes – what looks great in the picture may show up thin enough to see through, oversized or just plain wrong for me. Her review was honest about the high level of quality of her Fabletics items and she said the leggings were truly great quality and held their shape well (I know we all fear the inevitable see-through pants or sagging bottom).


As far as the tops, Teri showed off multiple tops that all seemed very “on trend” with what today’s women are looking to wear to feel stylish in the gym or when running. One in particular had a really cut line of cut outs in the back and had a hot pink trim. I believe that would put a pep in anyone’s step when they need motivation to work out.


Overall, I was really impressed with the reviews and the success that Fabletics has had in the past three years. I look forward to seeing what is next for the company.

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