Betsy DeVos’ Commitment Helps Students Get Educated

Students who have to go to public school may not be getting the best education and Betsy DeVos knows this. She has known it for a long time and has done what she can to make things better for the students. Now, as the secretary of education, she is doing what she can to show people that they can really help their children out by allowing them the chance to try different alternative methods of education. They can do all of this without having to worry about the way that it can affect their income or the money that they have made. In fact, students who use these opportunities often have to pay far less than what even public school children pay for activities and other things that will help them with the issues that they are having and with the things that they can do in the school.


The first thing that Betsy DeVos did was create a program that was intended for students who wanted to go to private school, but whose parents could not afford it. She designed the voucher program so that students could get vouchers to go to these schools without having to worry about what they would have to do while they were there. She knew that this was important to most families and that students would be the ones who would take the most benefit away from it no matter what their parents made or what they did to make money.


After Betsy DeVos realized that this was not the most direct way to help students, she decided that the charter school program was. She created ideas that would help the students have a more positive experience and gave them a private education right in the districts that they were already a part of. There were no vouchers and things were much easier for parents who wanted to be able to send their students to these schools. With the charter program in place, Betsy DeVos felt confident that students would have everything that would make things better for them and allow them to reach their full potential in the future.


Since Betsy DeVos is now the secretary of education, she feels that all of these experiences as a philanthropist are paying off. She hopes to impact the educational system and knows that she will be able to change things based on all of the different ways that she can do things. She also has confidence that her life will get better and that she can do more to help people as she has a position of greater power that she can rely on in the future. It is all a part of her plan and her ability to grow the educational system.


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Fix Your Fantasy Baseball Lineups With the Waiver Wire

What does it take to win your fantasy baseball league? Well, you need to have a great draft day. You need to stay focused throughout the long and meandering year. You also need to know how to run the waiver wire. Finding hidden gems on the waiver wire will be the direct link to winning at least a couple of games this season. Let’s look at our Fantasy Alarm cheat sheet to see which waiver wire wonders you need to add right to your roster.


Outfield Help

Ben Gamel – Seattle Mariners

If you need an outfielder then the odds are good that Ben Gamel from the Seattle Mariners is still available. Gamel has been just tearing the cover off of the ball since making it out of Triple A. Gamel provides bat speed, contact, and smart running to the top of one of the most potent offenses in the MLB. Gamel is likely the highest owned player on our list but he can still be found on most waiver wires.


Jorge Soler – Kansas City Royals

Soler struggled in his first run with the Royals and summarily got shipped down to Triple A. At Triple A we have seen Soler revert back into the vaunted slugger that KC thought they were getting. Soler has potential to be a late season call up that helps to immediately impact the Royals line up. Keep an eye on this 25 year old slugger.


Infield Help

Jed Lowrie – Oakland Athletics

2B is pretty deep right now which makes Lowrie even easier to pick up. Lowrie has dramatically reduced his K-rate while also improving on his power numbers. Lowrie leads off or cleans up in Oakland’s traditional MLB lineups on a nightly basis and he should give you some solid counting numbers over the final months of the season.

Beyond The Darkness Brings The Supernatural To Podcast One

The supernatural has arrived to Podcast One. Beyond the Darkness is the brand new show in the line up on the Chris Jericho network. Chris Jericho stated that he was excited to add a new aspect of entertainment to his podcast network. Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, the new hosts of Beyond the Darkness, having many years experience broadcasting and interviewing authors, paranormal investigators, researchers, and people who have paranormal experiences from their previous paranormal podcast. In this new podcast, Dave and Tim will tackle the subjects of angels, demons, UFO encounters, mysteries, miracles, and unexplainable encounters. Learn more:


This new podcast is one more aspect added to the highly popular Chris Jericho network. Chris Jericho has built a podcast network that extends past his professional wrestling background. With Dave and Tim’s already huge fan base from their past podcast, Jericho network is set to become on of the most popular networks in the Podcast One family. None of this would have been possible without it’s visionary founder, Norman Pattiz. Learn more:


Mr. Pattiz has over forty years experience in broadcast media. Norman founded the media giant Westwood One in 1974. Since then Westwood One distributed or owned some of the biggest events or media networks in the world: the Winter and Summer Olympics, Superbowl, NFL, CBS and NBC sports radio. Mr. Pattiz has a long list of accomplishments before he started Podcast One including being appointed to the Broadcasting Board Of Governors by both Presidents Clinton and Bush and being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Learn more:


Mr. Pattiz serves or has served on numerous advisory councils and broadcasting boards of governors for different organizations in California and currently serves on the Region 1 Homeland Advisory Security Council. Norman is also credited for creating several big networks such as Radio Sawa and Alhurra television. To read more about Mr. Pattiz and his accomplishments, please click here.


Roberto Santiago The Legendary Mall Owner

Roberto Santiago is known for owning the Maniara Shopping mall in Brazil. Unlike many entrepreneurs, who know from the start that they will go into business, Roberto confesses that he had no idea in his youth that he would try his hand in business. On the contrary, he always preferred the arts and sports areas, where he felt more talented. Case in point, Roberto Santiago started his career in writing child literature, where he became very famous across the education sector. After a while, Roberto went into film and script writing, where he equally did well. He also majored in directing films and plays.

Roberto Santiago’s artistic sides were also expressed in writing, where he ran a blog website. Roberto mainly encouraged people to go on with life when they face challenges. He targeted the young and old people, as he used his own experiences as well as those of others who had overcome tough times to make it into greatness. Roberto majored in telling people not to give up when life throws blows their ways. Many gave testimonials of how the daily insight from Roberto made them bounce back from hard times in their lives.

The success of the blog led Roberto Santiago desire a new career in business. He became interested in investing but had little knowledge in the field. Consequently, he decided to go back to college and later university in Joao Pessoa. After 4 years, Roberto earned his Bachelors of Commerce and proceeded right into business. Being a very ambitious person, Roberto wanted to purchase a large piece of land, where he would run his business. However, he lacked the necessary finances and was forced to start a small scale business. His first idea was a café, which he called Santa Rosa Café. It was successful and the profits from it were used to start a cartonnage company, which manufactured cardboards and other utility products. Roberto says that the company marked the onset of his great success as it gave him enough money to buy a large piece of land on which he built the Maniara Shopping Mall. Roberto bought the land in 1987 and launched the building two years later.

The Maniara Shopping Mall is rated as the most modern and largest mall in Brazil. The main agenda of the mall is to offer its users leisure, fun, and comfort. The mall is fitted with the latest technology in all its various sectors. The several sections in the mall are gaming areas, fancy easting parlors, rooftop concert hall, stadium, theatre, college banks, gym, and gaming sections. The latest invention in the building is the rooftop Domus Hall that was opened in 2009. The hall hosts music concerts, weddings, exhibits, and fairs.