Roberto Santiago The Legendary Mall Owner

Roberto Santiago is known for owning the Maniara Shopping mall in Brazil. Unlike many entrepreneurs, who know from the start that they will go into business, Roberto confesses that he had no idea in his youth that he would try his hand in business. On the contrary, he always preferred the arts and sports areas, where he felt more talented. Case in point, Roberto Santiago started his career in writing child literature, where he became very famous across the education sector. After a while, Roberto went into film and script writing, where he equally did well. He also majored in directing films and plays.

Roberto Santiago’s artistic sides were also expressed in writing, where he ran a blog website. Roberto mainly encouraged people to go on with life when they face challenges. He targeted the young and old people, as he used his own experiences as well as those of others who had overcome tough times to make it into greatness. Roberto majored in telling people not to give up when life throws blows their ways. Many gave testimonials of how the daily insight from Roberto made them bounce back from hard times in their lives.

The success of the blog led Roberto Santiago desire a new career in business. He became interested in investing but had little knowledge in the field. Consequently, he decided to go back to college and later university in Joao Pessoa. After 4 years, Roberto earned his Bachelors of Commerce and proceeded right into business. Being a very ambitious person, Roberto wanted to purchase a large piece of land, where he would run his business. However, he lacked the necessary finances and was forced to start a small scale business. His first idea was a café, which he called Santa Rosa Café. It was successful and the profits from it were used to start a cartonnage company, which manufactured cardboards and other utility products. Roberto says that the company marked the onset of his great success as it gave him enough money to buy a large piece of land on which he built the Maniara Shopping Mall. Roberto bought the land in 1987 and launched the building two years later.

The Maniara Shopping Mall is rated as the most modern and largest mall in Brazil. The main agenda of the mall is to offer its users leisure, fun, and comfort. The mall is fitted with the latest technology in all its various sectors. The several sections in the mall are gaming areas, fancy easting parlors, rooftop concert hall, stadium, theatre, college banks, gym, and gaming sections. The latest invention in the building is the rooftop Domus Hall that was opened in 2009. The hall hosts music concerts, weddings, exhibits, and fairs.

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