Betsy DeVos’ Commitment Helps Students Get Educated

Students who have to go to public school may not be getting the best education and Betsy DeVos knows this. She has known it for a long time and has done what she can to make things better for the students. Now, as the secretary of education, she is doing what she can to show people that they can really help their children out by allowing them the chance to try different alternative methods of education. They can do all of this without having to worry about the way that it can affect their income or the money that they have made. In fact, students who use these opportunities often have to pay far less than what even public school children pay for activities and other things that will help them with the issues that they are having and with the things that they can do in the school.


The first thing that Betsy DeVos did was create a program that was intended for students who wanted to go to private school, but whose parents could not afford it. She designed the voucher program so that students could get vouchers to go to these schools without having to worry about what they would have to do while they were there. She knew that this was important to most families and that students would be the ones who would take the most benefit away from it no matter what their parents made or what they did to make money.


After Betsy DeVos realized that this was not the most direct way to help students, she decided that the charter school program was. She created ideas that would help the students have a more positive experience and gave them a private education right in the districts that they were already a part of. There were no vouchers and things were much easier for parents who wanted to be able to send their students to these schools. With the charter program in place, Betsy DeVos felt confident that students would have everything that would make things better for them and allow them to reach their full potential in the future.


Since Betsy DeVos is now the secretary of education, she feels that all of these experiences as a philanthropist are paying off. She hopes to impact the educational system and knows that she will be able to change things based on all of the different ways that she can do things. She also has confidence that her life will get better and that she can do more to help people as she has a position of greater power that she can rely on in the future. It is all a part of her plan and her ability to grow the educational system.


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