Beneful One of the Most Affordable Dog Foods at Walmart

If you have a full-grown dog and are looking for a new dog food because your dog’s current food is just simply too expensive look no further than Beneful. Beneful dog food has many different types of dog food for full grown dogs but their most popular kind is BenefulWalmart originals. Not only does Beneful originals come in three different flavors to please all dogs taste buds but it also comes in various sizes depending on how much you want to spend or depending on how much dog food your dog eats daily.

Beneful originals flavors are chicken, beef, and salmon. All three flavors are made with real meat to provide your dog with the best nutrition and protein content compared to any other dog food brand out there. Beneful Originals dog food can be found for an affordable price at Walmart in 31.1lb, 40lb, 3.5lb, and 15.5lb bags. At Walmart, the 31.1lb bag is around 27 dollars, the 40lb bag around 34 dollars, the 3.5lb around 6 dollars, and the 15.5lb bag around 14 dollars. The size bag of Beneful Originals that you buy depends on what you are using that bag for. If you are looking for an emergency bag of dog food to keep in your car you should get the smallest bag which is 3.5lbs. If you are looking for dog food for your dog to eat daily you should buy either the 31.1lb bag, 15.5lb bag, or the 40lb bag. Which size bag you buy for your dog to eat daily depends on how much dog food your dog eats each day. If your dog has only a little bit a day it is suggested to buy the 15.5lb bag but if it eats more than the 31.1lb or the 40lb bag might be more suitable for your dog.

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