Securus Technologies, Dedicated to Safety and Service

Securus Technologies, the company that keeps inmates connected with their loved ones, has made some significant improvements. Securus has been in business for over three decades and is based in Texas. Having served over 1.2 million inmates, and several thousand agencies, the company continues to grow at a quick pace. As a result of such growth, several recent acquisitions have been made. The newest company to join Securus is GovPayNet, which is a payment processor for the government. The company has been in business for over 20 years and handles all types of payments. Among these items are, traffic tickets, tax payments, child support payments, and court costs. The company is excited to join the family and has expressed a specific interest in working with JPay, another Securus company.


Since technology is the way Securus stays on top; the company is looking to JPay and GovPayNet to develop a new technology known as wireless containment systems. These devices operate as cell towers; however, they block calls from being completed on their rightful network. This is to stop contraband cell phone usage in facilities. This topic has become rather popular in recent years. Many crimes have been linked to illegal phone usage from within the correctional facilities. There are some that even want to make WCS technology mandatory in facilities. While there’s no official data that’s been released, it’s believed that the WCS devices have blocked over a billion attempted contacts.


Securus has also been working to build its reputation in the customer service arena. The effort is paying off, as over 95 percent of customers report that they’re happy with Securus. The Better Business Bureau has also given full accreditation to the company. Earning an “A+” rating, the company has been making the marks across the board. It will be interesting to see how Securus does with the new company additions in the coming years.


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