Dr. David Samadi: Surgery Over Radiation

A prostate cancer diagnosis is terrifying for anyone, including former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Thankfully, according to Dr. David Samadi, he made the right decision and chose surgery over radiation. Prostate cancer patients who have surgery instead of just radiation are twice more likely to live compared to those who went with radiation. Additionally, those who chose radiation are 1.5 times less likely to live longer lives than those who chose surgery. Mitt Romney made the announcement that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he had chosen to take the surgical route for treatment after a successful surgery at UC Irvine Hospital with Dr. Thomas Ahlering.

He is one of the 6 in ten men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer at 65 or older. Mitt Romney also happens to be only one of the 161,360 patients that were diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States in 2017. He is also not the only politician that used surgery to treat their prostate cancer. Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, and John Kerry both were diagnosed with prostate cancer and went the surgical route instead of radiation.

Dr. David Samadi discusses with his patients the risks of both options but emphasizes the risks of secondary cancer if the radiation is chosen. If the patient treats the cancer with radiation and the disease spreads outside the prostate the changes of surviving more than 5 years is under 30%. If a patient’s cancer is localized only to the prostate, they have an almost 100% survival rate if they chose surgery.

Dr. David Samadi specializes in treating prostate cancer. He created the SMART method or the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. Using the da Vinci robotic system, his system allows the surgery to be less invasive with smaller incisions and quicker recovery times. He is currently serving as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He has been at this hospital since 2013 and brought his entire surgical team from his previous employer, Mt. Sinai Medical Center where he was also the Chief of Robotic Surgery as well as the Vice-Chair or Urology.

The Iranian-born Dr. David Samadi earned his medical degree at Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York. After receiving his medical degree in 1994 he went on to have fellowships at Montefiore Medical School, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

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