Claim the Right to Evolve

Working out isn’t easy, and a lot of times we think that going to the gym and putting in a half hour or an hour a day is enough to see results, but the truth is we get overwhelmed, complacent and frustrated when we see the work we’ve put in isn’t getting us the results we were hoping for. That’s when we realize that we need someone by our side, a dedicated team of people who can guide us down a successful and proven path.


Few companies are able to provide their consumers with everything they need to optimize their workouts, no their lives like Enhanced Athlete. Equipped with a litany of products to help you achieve your goals, Enhanced Athlete is the team you need by your side. They are even able to provide the guidance to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself that have thus far been out of reach.


 Enhanced Gear and Coaching


Feeling great starts with looking great. That’s why Enhanced Gear as part of the Enhanced Athlete team provides you with the threads to shred! From hoodies and tees to shaker bottles they have everything you need to step into that gym confidently and dominate your workout.


Furthermore, if you ever find yourself in need of some extra push to get out of a rut or are looking for guidance to crush your goals Enhanced coaching gives you access to one on one training to lead you and help you to maintain your focus.


Pioneers of Human Evolution


Enhanced athlete maintain themselves as a proud competitor in their field. This has lead them to be victims of unjust treatment by the competition. They have been caught in a legal battle against Nutrition Distribution, a company known more for dragging adversaries into court then anything else.


Nutrition Distribution has been involved in a litany of lawsuits where they have alleged unsubstantiated claims against several companies like Enhanced Athlete. These claims are filed under the pretext of getting defendants to fold and settle for a sum rather than pile up legal fees. Enhanced Athlete, after having their day in court, triumphed against Nutrition Distribution in their frivolous lawsuit. With this win, EA affirms their standing in the industry and in the confidence they have for their products and services.

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