A New Strategy for DACA Program

The walk for DACA program has not been quite easy as they have been engaged in various fights by the GOP members. The not so good news is echoing among various immigrants’ networks and organizations. DACA program which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an initiative that avails young immigrants that meet certain requirements with documents to avoid their deportation back to their home country. Some of the requirements for enrolling for the DACA program include being under the age of 31 years as at 30th June 2012, arrived in the US before attaining 16 years, and one ought to have lived in the country from 15th June 2012. Other requirements include that an individual should have been physically present in the US since the 15th of June, 2012 and also one arrived in the country without documentation by the same dates. The individuals should also be currently studying or graduated from high school. This is made possible through the provision of an SSN and a chance to work in the US for about two years of which is renewable. At the same time, the individuals have also availed the opportunity to have a driver license and gain tuition fees. As reported, Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general, provided a letter directed to the Trump administration probing them to cancel DACA program. According to the letter, they have given the administration till 5th of September to heed to their pleas after which they will pursue legal action. Ken Paxton says that there plan is not to halt the program abruptly, but to seek a phase-out for the program which will block any new individuals from being taken into the program. At the same time, there will be no renewals for the existing members of the program. This move has been advocated for by about ten state individuals who have jotted down their names on the letter.


Interesting to note, Homeland security secretary, John Kelly, held a meeting with various members of Hispanic Caucus to discuss the matter. According to John, the DACA initiative is facing serious jeopardy from different legal suits despite its great course to protect about 800,000 members. At the same time, several advocates and DREAMers also sound the alarm regarding the legal suits. Interesting to note, the DACA initiative has been on great benefits to the country as a whole as most members of the organization either study, work or partake in both engagements. This proves that they play a huge part in the economy of the country as through them millions are channeled to the universities and colleges where they study. Also, they contribute to the taxes and channel their investments to purchase cars, homes, and even start businesses. The renowned Lacey and Larkin fund will come handy in ensuring that the fight for DACA program is worthwhile. They will provide assistance where needed, guidance, and information that is vital for their case to ensure that they come out stronger than before!


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