How OSI Industries Has Become a Giant in the Food Industry

The food processing industry has continued to expand over the years although it started as a small company. Many companies are today involved in food processing, and they have made huge contributions to this sector. OSI Industries is top-ranked when it comes to food processing. The Aurora, Illinois-based company was started about 109 years ago. The distance between its original location and where it’s currently located is about 30 miles. Those who knew it when it was founded knew it by the name Otto & Sons. It’s unbelievable that a company that started so small has millions of customers all over the world.

The company has penetrated to about 17 countries where it has its food processing plants. Its revenue is now over $6 billion. This company employs the best environmental management practices, and this has attracted several global awards to this company. One may not believe this huge company started with only three employees in the Chicago suburbs. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who started this company in 1909. Amazingly, OSI Industries today has over 20,000 employees in about 85 countries. The company has realized that producing quality products is the only secret to thrive in the food processing industry.

While the company was still Otto & Sons, McDonald played a critical role in enhancing its growth. As McDonald’s branches increased in the country, Otto & Sons also became very prosperous and famous. This company looked for a larger facility in 1960 in West Chicago after purchasing flash-freezing technology. Otto & Sons turned to Sheldon Lavin in 1970s for financial services for it to expand. Sheldon took over the business after the founder’s sons, Harry and Arthur, retired from the business. He then changed the name of this company into OSI Industries and set a new pace for it.

Through his leadership skills the company has become one of the greatest private firms in the United States. It takes the 58th position among the US largest private companies. It has exceptional food processing facilities in about five continents. The major presence of this company is in Asia. About ten processing facilities of this company are in China. OSI Industries enjoys a wide market space with millions of customers in countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and India among others. The presence of this company in Europe is growing, and it has built more processing facilities in Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Germany. The Holland-based Baho Foods and Flagship Europe in the UK are some of the companies the food processing company has acquired.

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How Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm Have Revolutionized the Finance Industry in Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a firm that offers financial management and debt reduction services which was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm. He started the firm to help Australians ameliorate their finances and ensure that they have access to a stable future. His primary business approach is focusing on the client and prioritizing the client. It has seen him grow Infinity group to become one of the top companies in the Australian loan market.


Infinity Group Australia guides clients on how to pay off loans within the shortest time possible, grow their wealth and chose retirement options. The firm assigns a personal banker to a client who plays the role of a financial adviser in their lives and helps them achieve fundamental goals like sticking to a budget. Holm believes this approach ensures better results and it has indeed proven to be more effective than other existing systems set up by banks in Australia.


In a recent interview, Graeme Holm points out that exceptional customer care and service has played a vital role in the growth of Infinity group Australia. The firm’s products and services are based on the satisfying the customer needs. Most clients attest that Holms and his team are amiable and supportive. They also credit the company for helping them attain financial goals they had otherwise deemed impossible. Holms revealed that he is keen on new trends in finance technology and he plans to use Fintech to give his customers better experiences. The company won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award.


Besides putting the customer first, Graeme Holms encourages an open door policy and teamwork at Infinity Group Australia. He notes that networking with other experts in the industry and sharing ideas helps to boost productivity. Infinity Group Australia belies in building a better community, and it does this through several ways such as sponsoring teams like the Cronulla Sharks.


Infinity Group Australia’s core values include integrity, care, passion and trust. Holm is dedicated to promoting trust in the banking sector. He cautions against associating with people who lack integrity and high moral standards as this may jeopardize one’s career. The company has won several awards since its inception.


Graeme Holm holds a master’s degree in Business administration from the Australian Institute of business. He has a diverse experience of more than 17 years in the finance industry. The Infinity Group Australia director starts his day by engaging in physical exercise. He feels that this makes his days to be more productive. He encourages entrepreneurs to handle the most challenging situations in the morning when they are still fresh as this will boost their confidence throughout the day. Learn more: