Igor Cornelsen Highly Reputed and Expert Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is amongst the top financial advisors and investment bankers in Brazil, based in Sao Paulo. He has more than four decades of experience in the field of stock market and banking, and currently, he runs his investment banking firm in Brazil. Over the years, Igor has grown to become one of the most trusted financial advisors in the country and many prominent organizations as well as high net worth individuals come to him for consulting and financial advice. Igor’s financial information is closely followed by the people as well as some of the top financial gurus, because he has years of experience in the field and many of the financial speculations that he made in the past had been correct, saving his clients and investors tons of money as well as profiting them generously.

Igor studied economics at the Federal University of Parana and also completed his graduation in engineering from the same. Even though he graduated doing engineering, he moved on to the world of finance after getting attracted doing economics. As a seasoned investor, he is often consulted to ask about financial advice. One of the top tops that Igor gives to people is to ensure that they start saving and investing early in their career if they are aiming for wealth creation in the long-run. Wealth creation is a time taking process, and sooner you start, better it is for you. Delaying the process of starting to can prove to be futile for your retirement planning as well as wealth creation.

Igor Cornelsen believes that anyone who wants to invest for their retirement must do so with a strategy. Having an approach would help them build an investment portfolio that is productive as well as profitable. There are tons of investment products available today that weren’t available earlier. Igor believes that people should invest in the stock market as well as in the bonds and deposits. It would help in balancing the retirement fund and would also help with wealth creation. Igor Cornelsen says that people must follow the market events carefully and keep a lookout for a lucrative investment opportunity.

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