How Jeffrey Aronin Empowers the Biotech industry

For over two decades, Jeffrey Aronin has created a name for himself as the prominent entrepreneur in biotech and healthcare industry. Serving as the president the chairman of Paragon Biosciences, he is implementing his industry skills and entrepreneurial energy to establishing a leading investor and incubator of innovative biotech firms.


In the early stage of his profession, Jeffrey noticed that he had a great passion for healthcare. At one time, a doctor who was attending to a sick kid with continuous seizure created a significant impact on his profession decision. Instead of preparing the kid for brain surgery, the doctor decided to use medicine, and this showed Jeffrey the power of pharmaceuticals.


That experience remained in his mind as he started the career. He combined his passion for science and enthusiasm for establishing big companies. In 2000, Jeffrey was the owner and the president of a startup known as Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. the achievement of the firm in bringing novel medications to patients showed the significance of his strategy, rooted in identifying the needs of every patient. In 2009, Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc was acquired by Lundbeck for $900 million. Aronin was nominated as the head and CEO to supervise the transition.


For the last one decade, Jeffrey has been serving as the president and chairman of Paragon Bioscience. The primary role of this company is to establish innovative biotechnology firms that aim at creating essential medications for patients. His extensive skills in complex science and patient-focused drug creation have helped him to be among the successful and innovative leaders in the bioscience field. As an entrepreneur and scientific visionary, Aronin has contributed a lot to the development and approval of over 15 new medicine and technologies.


He has also worked as a chairman of numerous life-science companies that comprise Harmony Biosciences, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, and Paragon Pharmaceuticals. His focus on science and patients has made his crew get 13 new drugs approved. Additionally, Jeffrey shares his perspective with other entrepreneurs who want to advance their career in the healthcare sector. He has demonstrated a huge committed to the biotech innovation by establishing MATTER, an incubator with over 200 startups in Chicago.


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