Drew Madden explains necessity of empowering patients

Drew Madden is not a well-known name among the general population of the United States. Yet, within healthcare IT circles, Madden has become a legend, both as an executive and as one of the most revered thought-leaders in an industry that has long suffered from an anti-competitive status quo. Drew Madden has now branched off on his own, founding Evergreen… More →

Whitney Wolfe Contribution in Women Empowerment for Independence

Empowerment is one of the most common terms in this environment. The main reason why this word has become so prevalent is that there are many positive things associated with it. Women empowerment is one of the significant things in today‚Äôs life. The fact is that women are among the most critical group that need empowerment. Luckily, 2017 is a… More →