Whitney Wolfe Contribution in Women Empowerment for Independence

Empowerment is one of the most common terms in this environment. The main reason why this word has become so prevalent is that there are many positive things associated with it. Women empowerment is one of the significant things in today’s life. The fact is that women are among the most critical group that need empowerment. Luckily, 2017 is a year that has marked the start of woman empowerment. One of the common thins that women are after is freedom and independence. When women attain independence, they will be able to enjoy their lives in the full package, in the manner that they were meant to.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd is among the most critical players when it comes to fighting for women empowerment. She has put her effort and contribution through online dating apps. Challenging the dating norms and culture is one of the things that she has rules that she has used to empower women. Among her rules is that women should not approach men but they instead need to wait for men to make the first move. However, Whitney Wolfe states that women need to create a signal that encourages men towards approaching them. This rule has gone viral, and it’s highly being implemented in the online dating sites. In online dating sites, it has been common that men are not only making the first move but they are also giving women many messages.

This tendency has been beneficial to women as it makes dating easier for them. However, it also has some disadvantage. The con is that women usually get approached by many men that they don’t like but get ignored by the ones they do fancy. Luckily, Whitney Wolfe has personalized Bumble to offer women an opportunity to start a conversation or make a move with men that they fancy and match with. There has been an establishment of a similar model for women in the form of Bizz and BFF. Whitney Wolfe is mainly interested in encouraging women to be proactive in their lives. The fact is that people who are independent and take control of their lives are most likely going to attain their goals and objectives which is added advantage. On the other hand, those who are under other control usually have smaller chances of fulfilling their goals and dreams.

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