The RealReal Fashion App

Do you love to shop consignment shops and score great deals? Everybody loves to get name brand products but hardly anybody can actually afford to. That is why The realreal consignment shop, is such a big hit.

With The Realreal, not only can you shop their retail location at SoHo NYC, but they now have created an app that makes it super easy to shop consignment products, right at your fingertips! Simply download the app, and create a login to get started today. Once you log in you will be prompted to create a password and then you will be good to shop all of the wonderful, high end products you want.

The RealReal started with a vision to create affordable options for people who couldn’t normally afford high end, name brand products. Wealthier people tend to buy these expensive, name brand items, use them a few times and then discard them with barely any wear and tear on them. That is what sparked this great idea to create a high-end consignment shop. Since these products are barely used, they are in great condition and can be re-sold for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy one brand new.

So if your someone who really loves high fashion, name-brand items but just can’t quite afford them all of the time, download the realreal app today and start shopping smarter.

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