CloudWick: Machine Learning Pioneer

Machine Learning is one of the hottest topics in business today. Those organizations that embrace it will gain a competitive advantage going forward, and CloudWick, a cutting-edge digital business services firm, is one of the best companies to aid in the transition.

Currently, there is a divide between the developers who are creating machine learning models and the business users they are intended for. The team at CloudWick are able to deploy machine learning solutions and bridge this gap through training, support and highly intuitive products.

The company does extensive assessment of their clients’ industries and methods to come through with a machine learning product that fits their needs. Then, the building phase is done quickly yet thoroughly, often with the customer’s involvement in order to help with the learning curve. The culture at the CloudWick is one of innovation and creativity as well as collaboration; they have participated in numerous open-sources projects to date.

The backbone of any project is the company’s expertise at managing big data. For example, with one of their clients, a Fortune 100 athletic apparel brand, the company created a big data platform and put it in the cloud all within six months. Always focusing on the visual, CloudWick machine learning notebooks utilize big data and provide valuable feedback as they evolve. Machine learning models can predict sales for retail stores, provide risk assessments about possible default on loans being considered by banks and much more.

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for major companies as hacking grows more and more malicious and sophisticated. CloudWick creates machine learning security solutions that adapt in real time as hackers try different methods of attack, and this new type of security watchdog doesn’t need down time. The security can be deployed in servers up to the petabyte scale, and the company works closely with the client when needed.

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