Freedom Checks: A Brief Overview

The internet is abuzz with talk about Matt Badiali’s freedom check viral video. There are some out there that claim that freedom checks are a scam- nothing could be farther from the truth. Freedom checks have been studied by some of the best investment analysts and after their research, they have deduced that they are completely above board.

Our team of crack analysts noted that while the name freedom checks may be a bit of marketing, the investments have a very solid reputation. These investments were created by the United States Congress via the 26-F statute in the late 1980s. They were created as a way to share the benefits of oil revenue among investors and other citizens involved in the petroleum industries and auxiliary/connected industries.

Right now there are almost 600 companies that fulfill the regulations required to issue freedom checks. These companies have the ability to operate without taxation, provided they fulfill two key regulations. First of all, 90 percent of their revenue needs to come from some form of the petroleum industry. That means producing oil, processing it into fuel, storing oil, or transporting petroleum products for sale.

In addition to these requirements, they also have to pay out the freedom check shareholders a percentage of their revenue. These payouts can range from 125,000 all the way up to 643,000 dollars in a year. While freedom checks are not a government program directly, they are similar to other entitlement programs like Medicare. They combine the government involvement of programs like social security alongside the investment potential of products like a 401k or individual retirement accounts. The primary difference being the fact that age/income restrictions are nonexistent.

These checks can be acquired through a traditional broker or your online brokerage account. In order to collect freedom check payments, there is no requirement to open a new account- simply purchase freedom check shares via the traditional method, in much the same way that you would buy a Coca-Cola or IBM stock. The distribution payments are then sent directly to your online brokerage account, no mess, no fuss.

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