How OSI Industries Has Become a Giant in the Food Industry

The food processing industry has continued to expand over the years although it started as a small company. Many companies are today involved in food processing, and they have made huge contributions to this sector. OSI Industries is top-ranked when it comes to food processing. The Aurora, Illinois-based company was started about 109 years ago. The distance between its original location and where it’s currently located is about 30 miles. Those who knew it when it was founded knew it by the name Otto & Sons. It’s unbelievable that a company that started so small has millions of customers all over the world.

The company has penetrated to about 17 countries where it has its food processing plants. Its revenue is now over $6 billion. This company employs the best environmental management practices, and this has attracted several global awards to this company. One may not believe this huge company started with only three employees in the Chicago suburbs. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who started this company in 1909. Amazingly, OSI Industries today has over 20,000 employees in about 85 countries. The company has realized that producing quality products is the only secret to thrive in the food processing industry.

While the company was still Otto & Sons, McDonald played a critical role in enhancing its growth. As McDonald’s branches increased in the country, Otto & Sons also became very prosperous and famous. This company looked for a larger facility in 1960 in West Chicago after purchasing flash-freezing technology. Otto & Sons turned to Sheldon Lavin in 1970s for financial services for it to expand. Sheldon took over the business after the founder’s sons, Harry and Arthur, retired from the business. He then changed the name of this company into OSI Industries and set a new pace for it.

Through his leadership skills the company has become one of the greatest private firms in the United States. It takes the 58th position among the US largest private companies. It has exceptional food processing facilities in about five continents. The major presence of this company is in Asia. About ten processing facilities of this company are in China. OSI Industries enjoys a wide market space with millions of customers in countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and India among others. The presence of this company in Europe is growing, and it has built more processing facilities in Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Germany. The Holland-based Baho Foods and Flagship Europe in the UK are some of the companies the food processing company has acquired.

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How Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm Have Revolutionized the Finance Industry in Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a firm that offers financial management and debt reduction services which was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm. He started the firm to help Australians ameliorate their finances and ensure that they have access to a stable future. His primary business approach is focusing on the client and prioritizing the client. It has seen him grow Infinity group to become one of the top companies in the Australian loan market.


Infinity Group Australia guides clients on how to pay off loans within the shortest time possible, grow their wealth and chose retirement options. The firm assigns a personal banker to a client who plays the role of a financial adviser in their lives and helps them achieve fundamental goals like sticking to a budget. Holm believes this approach ensures better results and it has indeed proven to be more effective than other existing systems set up by banks in Australia.


In a recent interview, Graeme Holm points out that exceptional customer care and service has played a vital role in the growth of Infinity group Australia. The firm’s products and services are based on the satisfying the customer needs. Most clients attest that Holms and his team are amiable and supportive. They also credit the company for helping them attain financial goals they had otherwise deemed impossible. Holms revealed that he is keen on new trends in finance technology and he plans to use Fintech to give his customers better experiences. The company won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award.


Besides putting the customer first, Graeme Holms encourages an open door policy and teamwork at Infinity Group Australia. He notes that networking with other experts in the industry and sharing ideas helps to boost productivity. Infinity Group Australia belies in building a better community, and it does this through several ways such as sponsoring teams like the Cronulla Sharks.


Infinity Group Australia’s core values include integrity, care, passion and trust. Holm is dedicated to promoting trust in the banking sector. He cautions against associating with people who lack integrity and high moral standards as this may jeopardize one’s career. The company has won several awards since its inception.


Graeme Holm holds a master’s degree in Business administration from the Australian Institute of business. He has a diverse experience of more than 17 years in the finance industry. The Infinity Group Australia director starts his day by engaging in physical exercise. He feels that this makes his days to be more productive. He encourages entrepreneurs to handle the most challenging situations in the morning when they are still fresh as this will boost their confidence throughout the day. Learn more:


The Chainsmokers’ Musical Journey

On January 2018, The Chainsmokers attended the 60th Annual Grammy Awards that was held at the Madison Square Garden. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall are the faces of The Chainsmokers. They have taken time to give a deep tutorial on how the song was composed to become a hit. The song is their latest composition called “Somebody.” They made the video and posted on Facebook recording the amazing pitch ranges.

The Chainsmokers are a duo of an American DJ and production. In2014, they made a history by producing a song that hit the rank of top twenty in various countries. Later in 2015, they released another one that reached the position of top ten in the US Billboard Hot 100. The same year, the song “Don’t let me down” was among the top five singles. The duo also won the Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording. This happened during the 59th awards ceremony. “Closer” is their first single song to reach position one in the chart. The duo has also received two wins in American Music Awards and incredible five awards in iHeartRadio Music Awards. In November 2016, they released the second EP Collage hit. They successfully opened an album in 2017 on “Memories, Do Not Open.”

The Chainsmokers was formed in a very mysterious way. It all came from the connections and networking. The two were in their daily ventures and adventures. Alex Pall grew up Deejaying and was introduced to Taggart by his music manager, Alpert. Pall went to New York University to pursue history and music business. On the other hand, Taggart attended Syracuse University and went for an internship at Interscope Records. This happened before the two of them met. A time that never fades in their history in their journey as a band is marked to be the year 2013 to 2014. This was their first time to do a live performance. A number of breakthrough successes flooded as they got recognition internationally. The Chainsmokers have made several achievements in their dance and musical journey which is compiled in their List of Awards and Nominations.” They incorporate a unique style of music to deliver their content and entertainment to their fans.

Influential Leaders- Focusing on Rick Shinto, Current Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions

  1. Rick Shinto M.D has had quite an exciting career path. He has worked in many companies mostly in leadership positions. Currently, he serves as the CEOat InnovaCare Health Solutions and was working at Aveta Inc as the CEO before joining InnovaCare. At one point, he was the CEO at Medicare Mucho Mas also known as MMM and PMC Medicare Company. Dr. Rick has also worked as the CMO and Chief Operations Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and as the Corporate VP of MedPartners.


He worked at MPMC for some time and later left to work as the CMO at Cal Optima in California, Orange County. Having over two decades experience in both operational and clinical healthcare, specifically managed care, Mr. Rick ensures that the health care system is efficiently functioning and providing quality services. He started off his career in Southern California as an internist and a specialized pulmonologist. Also, he was a board member of many healthcare firms like America’s Health Insurance Plans, CAPG and the FSSB of Managed Care for the Department of California.


He is also an author of articles of various aspects concerning healthcare systems and clinical medicine. He is a holder of a bachelors’ degree got from the University of California at Irvine and later joined the State University of New York in Stony Brook to study for his masters’ degree in medicine. He furthered his education in Redlands University where he obtained his M.B.A. His educational background was thus the stepping stone to his success, and he has greatly excelled in being an influential leader.


Rick Shinto is also a great team player he has been working with Penelope Kokkinides in InnovaCare for quite some time now. As the Chief Executive Officer, he has seen to it that all operations in InnovaCare are focused on the interests of people. With the help of Penelope, who is the CAO of InnovaCare Inc, the company has worked with government programs to ensure that healthcare services are available to all people. Penelope has thus dedicated her career to improving the organizational structures and efficiency of healthcare systems.


As top healthcare providers in North America, InnovaCare has greatly excelled and delivers services through Provider Networks, Medical Advantage, and Medical Programs, thanks to the excellent leadership of Dr. Rick and Ms. Penelope.


Sussex Healthcare Continues To Excel As It Looks To The Future

Sussex Healthcare, a renowned rehabilitation and eldercare system based in the UK, has been providing adult-care services to the southern coast of England for over 25 years.

The company, started with just a single care-home, has expanded to more than 20 facilities. Sussex’s reach includes more traditional offerings such as plush residential homes, as well as innovative and modern adult day-care locations and gyms. The award-winning organization has won the triple-crown in hospitality awards for its services, including the prestigious Hospitality Assured accreditation.

Sussex Healthcare’s specialty is in the treatment and care of the elderly population, coping with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Services, however, are not limited to the elder population segments, with treatments offered at all stages of adulthood to sufferers of cognitive and neurological impairments. Whether the patient’s needs require around-the-clock care, or periodic treatment, Sussex Healthcare’s physicians and staff are trained and ready to meet any need. The philosophy of the long-standing organization goes well beyond a patient’s healthcare needs, providing a holistic focus that involves leisure activities, an active social calendar, and a comprehensive approach to total health involving physical activity and a trained staff of chefs and nutritionists.

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Sussex Healthcare, striving to build on a reputation for excellence, recently brought in a new Chief Executive, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, to spearhead the organization’s growth and future. The new CEO, who joined the company this past February, actually began acquainting herself with the organization and its services prior to entering her official role with Sussex. Morgan-Taylor has devoted the entirety of her 30-year career to health and social care organizations. She earned her first placement, as a mental health nurse, in 1984, eventually working her way into a series of successful leadership positions. She has acted as a manager, a director of quality development, and a managing director, prior to becoming Sussex Healthcare’s newest CEO.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor’s professional journey has included work with both local authorities and private healthcare providers. It is that vital combination that may be her greatest strength; she has the experience and wherewithal to unite the, at times, disparate plans of local councils and independent care providers, who are, whether they are always cognizant of it, working towards similar goals. The union between the two is fundamental to the success of Sussex and its patients. First, though, Morgan-Taylor plans to continue orientating herself to her new organization, its facilities, and its staff, before beginning the critical work to build connections in the communities Sussex Healthcare serves.

Eric Lefkofsky Ushers Tempus to Unicorn Status

Chicago-based cancer data-analytics Startup, Tempus, reached the coveted “unicorn” status in March of this year after securing an additional $80 million in funding from both new and existing donors. Startups valued at over $1 billion achieve this status. Since the company’s launch in 2015, Tempus’ worth is estimated to be at an approximate $1.1 billion. This distinction is not held by many other Chicagoland startups. After this latest funding round, Tempus has raised a total of $210 million.

Led by entrepreneur and co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus has previously cemented its current position as one of Chicago’s top ten health techs. The company’s focus is to utilize big data to streamline cancer treatment and create a repository of all patient data, both molecular and clinical. This allows other physicians to search the database and garner a better understanding of how individuals with comparable genetic profiles have responded to specific treatments.

Tempus collaborates with all sectors of the health care system, including medical professionals and drug companies. They have partnered with approximately 50 leading research hospitals, including Chicago’s Rush University, Northwestern and University of Chicago. Tempus has also joined forces with multiple National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Oncologists at those institutions routinely refer their patients to Tempus to undergo genomic sequencing to better personalize care.

Lefkofsky has said, “Tempus was born out of frustration with a health care system that too often let powerful data and real-world evidence go to waste. Given the breadth and scale of our current data set, we’re in a unique position to help usher in an era of precision medicine to support patients battling disease.” According to a company spokesperson, Tempus is expected to “touch 25 to 30 percent of cancer patients this year,” and is also eyeing diseases beyond cancer.

A New Strategy for DACA Program

The walk for DACA program has not been quite easy as they have been engaged in various fights by the GOP members. The not so good news is echoing among various immigrants’ networks and organizations. DACA program which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an initiative that avails young immigrants that meet certain requirements with documents to avoid their deportation back to their home country. Some of the requirements for enrolling for the DACA program include being under the age of 31 years as at 30th June 2012, arrived in the US before attaining 16 years, and one ought to have lived in the country from 15th June 2012. Other requirements include that an individual should have been physically present in the US since the 15th of June, 2012 and also one arrived in the country without documentation by the same dates. The individuals should also be currently studying or graduated from high school. This is made possible through the provision of an SSN and a chance to work in the US for about two years of which is renewable. At the same time, the individuals have also availed the opportunity to have a driver license and gain tuition fees. As reported, Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general, provided a letter directed to the Trump administration probing them to cancel DACA program. According to the letter, they have given the administration till 5th of September to heed to their pleas after which they will pursue legal action. Ken Paxton says that there plan is not to halt the program abruptly, but to seek a phase-out for the program which will block any new individuals from being taken into the program. At the same time, there will be no renewals for the existing members of the program. This move has been advocated for by about ten state individuals who have jotted down their names on the letter.


Interesting to note, Homeland security secretary, John Kelly, held a meeting with various members of Hispanic Caucus to discuss the matter. According to John, the DACA initiative is facing serious jeopardy from different legal suits despite its great course to protect about 800,000 members. At the same time, several advocates and DREAMers also sound the alarm regarding the legal suits. Interesting to note, the DACA initiative has been on great benefits to the country as a whole as most members of the organization either study, work or partake in both engagements. This proves that they play a huge part in the economy of the country as through them millions are channeled to the universities and colleges where they study. Also, they contribute to the taxes and channel their investments to purchase cars, homes, and even start businesses. The renowned Lacey and Larkin fund will come handy in ensuring that the fight for DACA program is worthwhile. They will provide assistance where needed, guidance, and information that is vital for their case to ensure that they come out stronger than before!


Rocketship Education Ensures All Students Have Access To Quality Education

Rocketship Education started up back in 2006 with an idea to approach students in a different way to facilitate a higher quality of learning. The principles and learning that students acquire at Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools is not just for their academic careers, but all aspects of their life. Rocketship aims to approach their students at all different levels, including their environment, the teachers, their parents, and the curriculum that they are learning from. One of the major aspects of Rocketship Education is the involvement of parents in the learning experience.

At Rocketship Education, teachers are able to meet with parents and even go to the homes of students to build a stronger connection with their families and a level of communication that aids the students learning progress. With the active involvement of parents, students can get the aid they need at home for their learning, but also their parents can influence the quality of students learning with improved knowledge of how to do so.

The elementary level is among the most important for a child’s learning for the rest of their lives. It defines the course of their learning experience and how far they will be able to go as well. Having the best systems in place to ensure proper and equal growth for all students is crucial for the future. It is going to be the students of today that become the leaders of tomorrow, so it is important that they are given all the tools they need to be effective leaders.

This is the basis for why Rocketship Education schools were started up in the first place. The lack of quality among many public schools, specifically in poor, districts is quite appalling. Regardless of a students background or their families level of income, they should have proper education available to them to succeed.

Alex Paul stays true to himself through fame

Alex Pall sat down with Interview Magazine along with his partner and the second half the duo The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart, to discuss the beginnings of the bands’ success. Pall started his music career as a DJ in New York City. He foamed a DJ duo, called the Chainsmokers. When his partner left the band, his manager introduced him to Taggart and thus forming the pair that everyone knows today.

Even though Pall didn’t want to treat his time in Taggart in the beginning as a job, they would work together every day from 9 am to 7 pm defining their music and identity. Pall likes to attribute their success to being well aware of the rest of the music industry.

“We were both very observant about what was going on around us and who was killing it and what was working and what wasn’t,” Pall said in the interview.

Not only has the band studied other musicians in the industry, but they have also worked with some as well. For the song “Closer,” The Chainsmokers collaborated with Halsey. Pall has nothing but nice things to say about the artist complimenting her strong voice and unique style.

With the success of singles like “Closer,” “Down Let Me Down,” and “Roses,” Pall believes his fans relate to their music on a deeper level and uses Instagram to see precisely who their fan base is. Their base is growing more international in places like South Africa and the Philippines with the age group typically being between 16 and 25.

However, even with the knowledge of their demographic, the artist sticks with making music he and Taggart like.

“We make music for ourselves, and it’s really exciting that everyone else is enjoying it enough that they find some emotional connection to it,” Pall said.

The only thing that is changing is the band’s live performance. The duo wants to make their performances bigger while staying unique to the band’s aesthetic. Pall works with production and visuals to create new content and give new experiences to each audience.

Dick Devos – article recap

Billionaire philanthropist Richard “Dick DeVos is a change maker. In his home state, he has always stepped up to the plate when he thought something needs to be done. For instance, when a private corporation and supporters wanted to replace several abandoned sports arenas in the downtown area, DeVos responded. Not only was the initiative thwarted, he got together several business leaders and formed his own committee. The result is an arena, medical school, market and performance hall — all with the DeVos name on it.


When it comes to wheeling and dealing, DeVos is probably saying “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.” DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. He comes from enormous wealth, as does his wife, current Sec. of Education for the Trump Administration Betsy DeVos. He has used his tremendous wealth to a lot of good within the state of Michigan. Not only has he helped contribute to a number of charter schools in the state, he built his own — West Michigan Aviation Academy, for those, who like he, loves aviation and engineering.


DeVos has stoked the ire of many people, even with all the good he has done. For one thing, he’s managed to turn Michigan into a right to work state. Michigan is that state where unions were formed. It is the birthplace of worker’s rights. DeVos changed all that after he dumped in enough money to steer things in his direction.


People are however grateful that he has put his money where his mouth is, using it to make things better the state. His Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has given several millions of dollars to the arts, health and human services, as well as churches. He donated $12.5 million to build a new children’s hospital in Grand Rapids. This was a godsend to families who previously had to drive great distances to visit sick children.


But DeVos’s commitment to education has been at the forefront of all his philanthropy. DeVos is a big proponent of school choice and voucher programs. He believes that all children should have access to a quality education regardless of race and socioeconomic background. Through the efforts of he and his wife, Michigan now has the largest number of charter schools in the country.


In 2006, DeVos ran for governor in the state of Michigan. It was his intent to unseat Democrat Jennifer Granholm. He eventually lost by 8 percentage points. DeVos says politics hasn’t jaded him. And in fact, he won’t rule out another run at some office in the future.


In the meantime, he continues to run his own company The Windcrest Group. His family is also the sole owner of the Orlando Magic NBA team.


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