OSI Food Solutions: Part of OSI Group

Food Solution companies are worldwide. People don’t understand the span that these companies have and how much modern society depends on them. These are the companies that control most of the world’s food resources and distribution. While some are busy abusing their power, others are trying to make things better.

The most advanced food solutions companies are in Europe. Thanks to all the environmental risk management that’s mandatory in Europe, those companies are more conscious about what they do to the environment. In other countries, some companies only care about profits and don’t care if they destroy the world.

There’s an organization in the UK that monitors and rewards companies that show the most effort to manage their impact on the environment. The British Safety Council audits and awards food solutions firms based on their risk management performance. Companies with the highest scores are honored at a ceremonial luncheon.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor Award for their risk management performance. The British Safety Council uses a star-based system that rates firms based on their environmental consciousness. Companies with higher scores win awards at the luncheon.

The year that OSI Group won the Globe of Honor Award, the luncheon was held at Drapers’ Hall in London. At that luncheon, speakers from the British Safety Council, their partners, and present companies spoke about the importance of environmental risk management strategies. Many of the speakers also acknowledged OSI Food Solutions’ spectacular performance.

Aside from OSI’s victory, 18 other firms won awards, but OSI was the center of attention. Everyone talked about how OSI Group put the environment first and didn’t care about profits until after they made sure their products were safe, healthy, and didn’t harm the environment.

Considering what industry they’re in, it was a well-deserved award. Not too many companies put anything above profit. Also, people discouraged others from downplaying OSI’s work. OSI Group decided to jump head first instead of waiting for the government to catch up.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Jeunesse Takes Over the Energy Drinks Industry through Nevo Energy Drink

For an extended period, energy drinks have not been the best products out there as they have raised some serious health issues to various consumers. It has been known that many energy drinks available in the stores contain much caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and much sugar that is considered unhealthy for consumption. Medical practitioners have even gone further to warn people against the excessive use of energy drinks. However, Jeunesse has brought in an energy drink that stands out among other products in the industry. The product has been developed to offer a safe and better alternative to the consumers who would want to consume a healthy product.


Nevo energy drink is a product that offers a contrast to what a customer would expect. Customers have a perception that all the products sold in the energy drink lines have much more sugar than what is recommended to many individuals by medical practitioners. It has less sugar such that it does not play a role in hindering with the general health of the consumer. This is not your typical energy drink as it has all the ingredients made of fruits, unlike other products that are made of sugar and artificial additives.


The number of calories in Nevo energy drink is controlled. There are only 50 calories per pack of Nevo energy drink which is the recommended standard that cannot harm an individual. It is worth understanding that all the food colors that are added to different energy drinks to make more appealing are not present in Nevo energy drink. For a long time, the color additives are not suitable for the health of a person. It is enough to offer an individual enough energy so that they can handle various activities during the day. Some of the common ingredients include green tea, vitamin c, and guarana among others.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a corporation that focuses on developing and selling skin care products in the market. Not only does Jeunesse offer skincare products but it has an extended line of nutritional supplements that prevent premature aging while also taking much-needed skin care. The company uses complex formulas to produce world standard products that have helped to grow a within a short period.