Dallas area Brazilian Butt lift options

The plastic surgery procedure, butt lifts are becoming more and more popular today. There are two distinct types of surgical procedures, which fall under the butt lift category. There is the traditional but lift and the Brazilian butt lift. Both are major surgery, and like any surgery proper precautions should be taken prior to the patient deciding to move forward.

There are two different procedures involved when preforming the butt lift surgery. The Traditional butt lift is a much more invasive procedure, requiring the surgeon to remove, fat and skin from the buttocks, in order to move the buttocks muscles to the desired position. In some cases the muscle moved requires the surgeon to use a suture connected to hip bone. The Brazilian butt lift, is a much less extreme surgery, requiring the transfer of fat from one place of the body to another.

The Brazilian butt lift is typically for patients who want to enhance minor areas around the buttocks, hips and thighs. The Brazilian butt lift is for patients who want to add volume to their bottoms. The ideal patient has tried diet and exercise and has not been able to achieve the look they desire. Patients wanting the Brazilian butt lift, needs to have deposits of fat in other areas of their body, which can be used to transfer to their bottom areas. The Brazilian butt lift involves using liposuction to extract fat from the back, stomach or other less desirable area, processing the fat and reinjecting it into the patient’s backside. While this is not as intense as the traditional butt lift, it is still on average, a two-hour procedure.

There are lots of choices for both butt lift procedures. The Innovations Medical Clinic, in Dallas, has years of experience performing various surgical procedures. Patients may want to check out Farris Plastic Surgery, also in Dallas are certified surgeons, with lots of experience.

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