Kim Dao Goes to Singapore

Kim Dao only booked for her travel to  Singapore. Kim Dao and her friend, Janelle, ate at Mos Cafe where Dao ordered an avocado chicken with rice and a strawberry smoothie. Her friend had some curry with a salad. They were joined by a male friend named Frank. Kim Dao originally met Janelle in February 2016 when she came to Japan.Learn more :


After lunch, they went shopping where Kim Dao bought a fake pink candle that was inside a jar. She got a pineapple drink and two donuts at Krispy Kreme Donuts. The threesome shopped at Flying Tiger that seemed like a stationery store. Kim Dao found a huge bull dog clip some pencils with a knot, and mini paper shredders. Kim Dao and Janelle had seen solid colored containers that could be used for almost anything like being a pencil holder. The store sells vibrant colored, canvas, high top sneaker pencil cases. Kim Dao loved the scissors that were shaped like various types of fruits and vegetables. There were pencil sharpeners in the shape of a human nose.Learn more :

Kim Dao and friends had dinner at Curry Udon where she ate chicken and Udon noodles in a cream sauce. Sometime during her outing, Kim Dao purchased her tickets to Singapore.Learn more :


She had to pay a booking fee of 5000 yen on top of the price of the airline tickets. Kim Dao only plans to spend two days in Singapore. She is going with her boyfriend, Eric, to celebrate their 6th anniversary.Learn more :



The Arabian Housing King: Hussain Sajwani

The name Hussain Sajwani has recently been appearing a great deal in the western press, both for his great financial success and business acumen (he’s one of the worlds wealthiest men) as well as for his personal connections (he’s known for hanging out with such well known celebrities as President Donald J. Trump and Tiger Woods). Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

However, these little tid-bits of information do not really cut to the heart of who the man really is and to understand that we have to go back to the beginning of Mr. Sajwani’s career.

Hussain Sajwani got his start in business after graduating from The University of Washington with a degree in economics in the oil industry where he worked for several years for many big name companies such as GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited) where he worked dilligently and proficiently as a contract manager.

After leaving GASCO Mr. Sajwani utlized the considerable business experience and network of contacts he had gained whilst working there to create his own food catering company which delivered food to offshore businesses, the military and hotels. Learn more about Hussein Sajwani:

The company was a phenomenal success and with the earnings from that enterprise he founded DAMAC in 2002. DAMAC was conceived of as a retail luxury residential company and quickly expanded and found great success due to a new market niche that was opened up due to a heightened demand for new residential properties by non-Arabian residents.

The DAMAC owner went on from their to build up his company into one of the single greatest luxury property companies in the entire Arab Emirates. DAMAC currently has one of the single best property development track record to date of any developmental residential company with a portfolio containing more than 44,000 different properties.

The Hussain Sajwani family, due in large part to the efforts of Mr. Sajwani himself, is now recognized as one of the most prolific and beloved in all of the Middle East for their charitable donations to the poor and needy, utilizing the funding from DAMAC to give back to their local communities.

Litigation And Compliance Attorney Karl Heideck

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – There are 8 things every young lawyer should know, according to Philadelphia attorney Karl Heideck. Click here to read “Karl Heideck’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Lawyer”.

When pursuing a litigation attorney you would be wise to hire a litigator who has the experience and knowledge of the law in order to win your case. You will need a litigator or trial attorney with a law degree in the state in which you are filing your case and one that knows how to investigate your case, proceed with pleadings and discovery to the pre-trial, complete the trial, obtain a great settlement and also appeal if necessary. Many lawsuits filed in the civil courts never make it to trial. They are settled prior to their trial dates through the attorney’s and the judge.

The responsibilities of your litigation lawyer will depend on whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff. Your attorney will locate witnesses and take their statements on what went on for your case. Documents will be gathered, clients will be interview and an investigation of all the facts will be put together for your case. Attorneys for both sides will sit down and discuss a pre-litigation settlement in order to resolve the case before the filing of a lawsuit.

Karl Heideck practices in the Greater Philadelphia Area as a compliance and risk management specialist. His strong talents are in corporate law, commercial litigation, employment law, product liability and the writing of legal documents. Practicing for over 10 years, Karl Heideck has developed persuasive arguments as a litigator for his clients.

Karl Heideck first pursued a Literature and English education. He attended Swarthmore College from 1999-2003 where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and later joined Tempe University Beasley School of law. He graduated from Tempe University Beasley School of Law in 2009 with honors. As an extremely proficient attorney, Karl Heideck will pursue your case as your litigator and provide you with the proper advice to advance your settlement in a timely manner.

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The Story Of Talent Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Among the occupations that are present in the human resources acting field, the recruitment of new talents is one of the most requested professionals nowadays, especially in overdeveloped countries, where the percentage of young adults with a degree in college is much higher than developing ones.



Julie Zuckerberg chose such occupation. Seeing many companies around her requiring new talents to get an advantage over the competition allowed her to pursue the career very early and get far with it. Today, she is one of the most remarkable personalities as Executive Recruitment Leader in the United States, considering her young age.



Julie began her career in Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement right after graduating from Philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. As a Candidate Replacer, she led a team that was responsible for recruiting new attorneys, case managers, and other occupations to other offices and firms that requested the service from Hudson. These include legal businesses and institutions.



She did what any other recruiter does for hiring new employees: She paid attention to their hidden qualities and skills while also covering the job’s opportunities, conditions, payment, and obligations. She was the network that connected the companies with their newest workers.



Having stayed in Hudson for five consecutive years, she then moved to her subsequent occupation in the enterprise called Citi, or Citi Global Consumer Bank more accurately.



While working at Citi, Zuckerberg had the opportunity to work as an Executive Recruiter first and then became Vice President of her office after a few years of experience with them. This was a huge promotion for her career that would matter a lot later on.



In this large corporation, Julie was responsible for recruiting new roles for the CitiCards and the Global Consumer Marketing Sector inside the industry. She was also responsible for what was called the Internet Office. Zuckerberg hired much-needed talents for the company in job offers that included equity buyouts, claw backs, and deferred awards. She could notice the particular skills of the candidates and would soon improve significantly the staff of the offices she was recruiting. That’s what led her to earn her position as the Vice President.



Having stayed for six years with Citi and her team of recruiters, she was ready to move on to her next job in New York Life Insurance Company. There, she got the opportunity to be both a Leader of the recruitment team and the Vice President as well but decided to leave after four months with them, in 2014. She had bigger, more ambitious plans.



Reaching her position that she occupies today, Julie Zuckerberg moved to the Deutsche Bank, in the city of New York. There, she got to continue exercising her career as a leader in the talent acquisition field and the recruitment team.



Julie seems to have found her spot in the Germanic Bank, which is now one of the largest banks and has put its roots in many places across the globe. There is no doubt, however, that Julie Zuckerberg will continue growing for years to come, as she still has a bright career ahead of her.


Who is Betsy” The Reformer” DeVos?

When I think of sending my child to school, it’s usually pretty simple: students go to a school based on the zip code where they live. Seems legitimate and fair. Well, that is until your single mother friend loses her job and she is forced to move to a lower income area where the schools are run-down to say the least. Now, how fair is it that her children’s education has to suffer because they get yanked out of their “good” neighborhood school and thrown to the appropriate school for their new zip code. One person that is ready to change this, who has already made steps to do so, is Betsy DeVos. This long-time Republican has been involved with issues involving education for 28 years. Mrs. DeVos is chairman of the nation’s leading school choice advocacy group, the American Federation for Children where she has been a fighter for giving parents more options for their own children’s education. Because of her involvement in this group and with their help, over a million students are now able to attend the school of their choice rather than one defined by their zip code.

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On top of fighting for the best education possible for every student, Betsy DeVos also has a passion for philanthropy. From the time her own kids were in a Christian school, she was seeking ways to help those that could not afford the tuition. To this day, Mrs. DeVos still supports that school so that as many students as possible can attend. Betsy Devos decided to start a foundation that would give more of the lower income families’ scholarships to attend these “better” schools. However, she soon realized that enough scholarships couldn’t be given and that more was needed to be done in order to solve the problem. In the 1990’s, she was on the board of two different charities that worked to broaden education choice by use of vouchers and tax-credits. Ultimately, as a part of the AFC, she has been able to help states like Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana enjoy boundless educational choice.

Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education for the United States, has been involved with politics for over 35 years. She began her political adventures as a volunteer in 1976 for Gerald Ford. Since then, she has had multiple political roles for the Republican party, many of them with a focus on education choice and reform. Throughout her political career, she was elected chairman of the Michigan Republican party 4 different times and was also on the Republican National Committee for 6 years. Betsy’s commitment to the betterment of every child’s education should leave parents at ease for the future of our children. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Securus Technologies Calls GTL To A Challenge Of Superiority.

Securus Technologies is a company that is reputed for its competence in serving law enforcement and well as correctional facilities. They provide these facilities with emergency response, public information, biometric analysis communication, information management as well as monitoring products. These products are designed with an objective of ensuring that there is ultimate safety in our world. Securus Technologies is a company that boasts of having served more than 3500 public safety agencies and 1.2 million inmates across the United States.


In a recent press release, the leading company in criminal and civil justice solutions announced that they had offered GTL a challenge of superiority. GTL, the main competitors for Securus Technologies, was offered a challenge to determine who among the two was bigger. The challenge would be conducted by an independent tech judge who would decide which of the two companies has the largest and best product set, the most modern and sophisticated telephone calling platform, the platform that was most capital and expense efficient, and the best customer care-related measures.


GTL spread claims that they have more advanced technology as well as customer care services as compare to Securus Technologies. This is a challenge that Securus Technologies did not take lying low. The chief executive officer at Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that as a matter of facts, GTL was not a fit match for Securus Technologies. This difference is brought mainly by the large investments that Securus Technologies have made in the past four years. With an investment of more than 700 million dollars back into the business, Securus has acquired companies, new technologies, and also product developments. Securus has also developed an impeccable technology center and United States customer service center. According to Richard, GTL has only a small fraction of what Securus has. Making it impossible for GTL to beat Securus on any platform.


The Benefits of Working For Cotemar Mexico

It can be difficult to find an employer who cares about the interests of their employees. The reason that there are so many disgruntled employees out there is that many companies only care about their employees to the extent that it will advance the interests of the company. Employees are means to an end, so the employer has to care about them, but only to an extent. But some companies recognize that employees are human beings and they deserve to be treated with respect. Among these companies are Cotemar Mexico. Since 1979, Cotemar Mexico has been a company that values integrity and innovation. Employees testify that throughout their long history, they have always exhibited these traits when dealing with employees.



Good Ideas Are Recognized

The reason that a company will hire a talented individual in the first place is that she has something to offer that others do not. She has a creative mind and a world of potential. It is not a matter of just getting the job done. Many people feel as though they are caught in a dead-end job with no room for advancement. Cotemar Mexico listens to what their employees have to say, recognizing that everybody has some insight, especially those doing the hard work.



Spending Time On The Water

People dream of spending all of their time on the water away from the stress of daily life. The rut of cyclic routines can be too stressful for many to bear. But for most people, the idea of spending time on the water is a distant fantasy. For employees of Cotemar Mexico, it is a reality. Every day, they enjoy the ocean’s breeze and watch as the sun dips below the horizon. After the workday ends, they can enjoy their own vacation as they live out the everyman’s fantasy, namely, residing on the ocean.


Cotemar Mexico is widely recognized as one of the best places to work. As they provide food, lodging and a daily oceanfront view, their workers feel as peace with their lives. They have an employer who appreciates them, time to relax and a scenic view of the natural world that many people will never get to experience.

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